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High-Impact Exercise Without the Pressure

A lot of times, high-impact training is forbidden after injury or surgery. But that kind of condition is often the best way to rebuild strength and flexibility. That's where aquatic therapy comes into play.

716 Physical Therapy, PLLC in Hamburg, NY offers personalized aquatic therapy services for local and nearby residents. Our HydroWorx 200 equipment is set up with renowned underwater treadmill technology to achieve faster recovery and superior outcomes.

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Can aquatic therapy benefit you?

The HydroWorx 200 underwater treadmill has a cushioned, low-impact design with varying speed intervals. The resistance jets are essential for rehabilitation and offer deep tissue massage at the same time. Plus, you can easily change the water depth to challenge athletes or progress patients from water to land.

All of these features go hand in hand in aiding recovery from injury or surgery. Learn more about our aquatic therapy services in Hamburg, NY today - call 716-880-5197.