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Build Strength in Your Musculoskeletal System

Have you sustained a bone, joint, tendon, ligament or muscle injury? All of these body parts make up the musculoskeletal system. Injuries to this system are treated with orthopedic physical therapy. 716 Physical Therapy, PLLC in Hamburg, New York employs a team of physical therapy experts who can help you heal orthopedic injuries while building strength and expanding your range of motion. Our therapists use top-quality tools and techniques to help you overcome mobility issues.

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Recovery relies on practice

Whether you've undergone a surgery or have strained a muscle or ligament, our orthopedic physical therapy services can help. Our therapists will customize a treatment plan for you, based on your needs and goals. You may begin a program that includes:

  • Strength exercises
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Balance exercises
  • Functional mobility exercises
  • Plyometric exercises

Many of the exercises you practice can also be done at home. Your therapist will instruct you on how to safely practicing these away from our center. Consult a pro about orthopedic physical therapy programs now by calling 716-880-5197.